Benefits of waxing over shaving

Benefits of waxing over shaving

If you’re someone who shaves their legs, armpits or any other part of your body then the chances are that you’ve experienced some form of razor burn at one time or another. This is where the skin feels like it’s on fire and begins to sting when touched. It’s not a pleasant experience and can be extremely irritating if it occurs after shaving your bikini line for example! However, there is an alternative option which may be better for you than shaving – waxing. Read on to find out more about this method and how it compares with shaving in terms of pain levels, results and long-term benefits…

Why Waxing has more benefit then shaving

Pain factor

Let’s face it, waxing and shaving can both hurt and in many cases waxing is actually much more uncomfortable than shaving! However, once the initial pain of ripping off a thin layer of skin has gone past (which is when you can usually feel your hair being torn out by the root) then the rest of the process should be relatively pain-free. Unlike when you shave which causes further irritation to your skin due to small cuts and nicks along with ingrown hair, waxing only results in short bursts of pain – though these bursts do tend to come unexpectedly if you’re not used to it!

Time factor

Shaving takes no time at all yet waxing will take around 30 minutes if you’re getting an entire leg waxed. But, if you wax regularly then you may find that it starts to take less time than shaving because once hair has been removed by waxing (i.e. the roots are gone) then regrowth will be much slower and finer compared to when shaving which results in stubble growing back through your skin quite quickly after you shave them off at the surface!


Whether waxing or shaving is better for long-term hair removal is debatable (though clearly waxing wins), however, one thing’s for sure – immediately after having either method carried out should result in smooth, silky skin free of any stubble. Waxing should last longer though provided it’s a full-leg wax and you’re not shaving underneath it.


Both waxing and shaving are relatively inexpensive (especially if you go for a home waxing kit. But since the hair will grow back quickly following either method then you may find that waxing is actually cheaper in the long run. This is because you need to repeat the process every 3 to 4 weeks whereas with shaving (provided no ingrown hair occur) hair can be removed by simply nicking off the top layer of skin whenever needed!


Since both methods require tools such as razors or strips, pots of hot wax and applicators – cleanliness isn’t an issue when relying on a home waxing kit. However, if you’re a sanitary freak then a salon visit could be a better option as it’ll ensure that your waxer always uses brand new equipment after each customer.

Shaving Side Effects

Ingrown hairs: Shaving can cause ingrown hair to occur so it’s important to exfoliate your skin daily and moisturize as much as possible (preferably with an oil-free product) in order to reduce the risk of them occurring. On the other hand, waxing only results in hair removal which means that no regrowth occurs until new hair is grown – you should never experience any form of stubborn bumps or spots after waxing provided you follow our advice and avoid the temptation to scratch!

Itchiness: While neither method causes itchiness per say, there may be times when you feel like scratching following shaving especially if any irritation has occurred. This is where recommend using a soothing balm to calm and soothe your skin and prevent any further irritation occurring.

Unsightliness: This is only a problem if you’re constantly shaving as opposed to waxing regularly! This is because once hair has been shaved off then tiny bits break through the surface of the skin which results in stubble just hours after you’ve shaved it off – not ideal if you want to look presentable at work or out for dinner! Waxing gives the opposite effect as the root will be removed from your skin meaning that new long lasting results, hair can’t grow through so it’s basically undetectable even when wearing super tight leggings, shorts etc.

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