Everything about Toe Nail Extensions

One of the most popular beauty enhancements in recent years is toenail extensions, which are proven to make your nails look better and healthier in a short period of time. Healthy and strong Toenails with an attractive color or shape can change your mood dramatically making you feel good about yourself. Everyone wants perfect looking toes at all times but it takes a lot of time, patience and effort to get them looking that way. Most women don’t have this kind of time to keep their manicures up on a daily basis which is why they prefer getting toe nail extensions instead.

What is a Toe Nail Extension?

A toenail extension is basically an acrylic tip which is applied to the end of your toe nail with adhesive glue on top of it in order to make it look longer! They are usually around 4mm wide by 1mm thick but can be made smaller or larger depending on need. They can either be done in a long strip or just an accent nail.

Long Toe Nail Extensions are very popular with ballroom dancers to give the illusion of longer toes, especially when wearing high heels.

Since toenails grow slower than finger nails, they usually last around 2-3 months before coming off naturally but tend to stay on much longer if you don’t do any work in them (like washing up) which is why they are so popular for PE lessons!

How many extensions will my natural toenails need?

It’s debatable how many you should have put on your natural nail bed but I would suggest having at least 1 full set and then going back every 2 weeks while they still attached for a refill. If you are having accent nails put on, I would suggest having at least half a set of fake ones.

Why should you get your Toenails done?

It’s a popular activity during summers when going bare foot becomes a way of life. It can be a great way to add a little bit extra to your look for that special occasion or evening out, especially when paired with matching pedicure services. When it comes to professional use, they help you achieve an easy salon manicure at home by being easily removable without any damage to the natural nail bed. You can wear them as long as you want them and take them off when you are done without any harm to your natural nails. It is suggested that sticking with the same style for a longer period of time will cause an imbalance in the growth of both your hands and feet. This is due to how our hands and feet are different in terms of the way they grow.


Unlike traditional full set acrylic nails, toenail extensions can last for more than 6 weeks thanks to its customized design which sticks close to your natural nails. The lifespan also depends on how you care for them during this period. However, there are instances when they may break or come off without any particular reason or incident (accidents do happen), but it will mostly be at the tip since that’s where most pressure occurs when walking etc. This will not cause any damage if replaced with a fresh new one provided by your technician.

Adds length and fullness

Creates beautiful shapes that mimic nature If you short or stubby nails, toenail extensions will give your toes the length and fullness they need to look attractive. The vast majority of women want long and elegant looking nails but sometimes this is just not possible without a little help from a professional. All you have to do is find a good nail technician who can turn your less than perfect nails into something better in a couple of hours. You can enjoy having natural looking toes with an elegant shape, color and length all year round. The problem with manicures is once your nails grow out they lose their shape them dull looking which makes it necessary to return and have them redone all over again.

Toenail extensions process

The process of getting toenail extensions is very simple and easy, however if it’s not done by a professional you may face problems such as discomfort or even infections. The process is simple; clear plastic monomer liquid is applied with brush on top of the nails followed by UV light exposure, which hardens it and adds strength to the nails. After this step your new bedazzled toes are ready for polish of your choice which can last up to two weeks depending on how fast your nails grow. Keep in mind that the better you take care of your nails before applying toenail extensions, the longer they will last.

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