Why use a diffuser on blow dryer?

One of the most effective ways to help you style your hair at home is using a blow dryer diffuser. There are many benefits both in how it can improve your styling so that you can actually wear your wavy or curly hair down, and also for your own health by keeping heat damage away from your head.

How do Blow Dry diffusers work?

A blow dryer diffuser looks like a large white circular plastic shower cap. It has tiny air holes covering its dome-shaped surface which allows for less hot air flow so the user can dry their hair at a slower pace without burning themselves on blow dryer heat. When used on blow dryer, these tiny air holes direct airflow downwards onto the section of each lock of the users’ hair that they are working on. This allows for a more even dry and prevents the users hair from getting blown in different directions by hot air flow.

How to blow dry hair with diffusers?

Using a diffuser on blow dryer helps protect frizz-prone locks from being fried by hot air flow. When used properly , they can actually help reduce damage done to sensitive, curly or wavy strands during drying time so that users have healthier looking and more beautiful hairstyles in the long run!

To apply blow dryer diffuser , put it over the nozzle of a blow dryer. Turn on the diffuser by pressing down firmly on the handle. Then hold onto your natural locks with one hand and place the tip of the diffusing tube onto each curl, twist or wave as you dry them. You can also apply styling aids such as serums or gels to your strands before putting on the diffuser so that they work faster and penetrate deeper into your hair shaft for better results.

Some people find it helpful to bend their knees slightly while using a blow dryer diffuser in order to concentrate air downwards towards their head instead of upwards and outwards.

Hair should be dry enough to remove from diffuser. If hair is still wet , it will merely slide off the cone as you pull it away from your head. You can then reapply to another section of hair that needs drying without having to wash it out.

If you choose to use a blow dryer instead of a diffuser, make sure to use protection products such as serum or oil on the ends of your hair while drying, so that they don’t over-dry. You should also stand under a vent when using this type of tool, since the hot air will only flow downwards onto your locks for even distribution without risk of burning yourself. This will help to protect your skin from being burned by constantly flowing hot air.

How Does A Diffuser Help You Style Naturally Curly And Wavy

The one word answer to this question is: volume. The other thing that a diffuser does is it helps to add texture and definition to your natural waves and curls. This method will also reduce frizz, which makes the curls look more defined than they would otherwise.

This not only helps you achieve a polished look at home but it will also allow you to wear your hair down since there won’t be any weird kinks caused by styling tools such as blow dryers and curling irons. Of course, if done right then this method will not cause any heat damage either and works out great for all curly-haired gals.

How Can Water Temperature Affect Your Curls When Using A Diffuser?

Water temperature is a very important factor when you use a blow dryer diffuser. The reason behind this is that if you turn up the heat (hot water) then it will cause your hair to frizz even more and make your curls look less defined.

The best way to combat frizzy hair with a diffuser is by using warm or cool water, as either works well yet keeps the natural moisture in your hair intact such as avoiding damage from high heat (does not actually remove any oil). If you are concerned about how often you should be washing your curly-haired head of hair, then here’s an article that explains how often you need to wash wavy or curly hair on average.

What Else Should You Remember When Styling Naturally Wavy And Curly Hair With A Diffuser?

Having trouble using a diffuser on your hair? Here are two things to avoid in order to prevent frizzy curls when using this method:

  1. Don’t dry your curly hair all the way until it is bone-dry since the high heat will cause further damage and in turn create more frizz. Also, if you have fine wavy/curly hair then don’t scrunch it too much either because this also causes extra frizz. The best way to combat frizzy hair with a diffuser is by gently squeezing out excess water with your fingers or lightly towel drying before combing out wavy or curly hair with a blow dryer diffuser.
  2. When using a diffuser, never hold the nozzle pointing down towards your head since this will do nothing but create frizz and make it easy for moisture to escape from your hair and damage it even further (this is how high heat causes more frizz). Instead, aim the blow dryer upwards or away from you when you use a combing out method such as the one we are discussing in this article so that it does not cause any additional frizziness.

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