Diy beauty blender alternatives tried and tested

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re sick of paying high prices for the original beauty blenders then read on because we’ve done the research and found these beauty blender dupes. Whether you’re looking to save a bit of money or replace your current spongey situation then this post is definitely for you! Each alternative has been tried by me personally and given my seal of approval…or not! Continue reading below to find out more about each alternative and which one I think is best.

What’s a Beauty Blender?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the beauty blender, it is a makeup sponge that was originally designed to blend out your foundation flawlessly. Beauty blenders are available in various sizes (from small to large) and come in bright colours which makes them instantly recognizable when compared to other sponges! They are also incredibly soft on your skin which means they won’t cause unnecessary irritation when blending out your makeup. Below are some DIY beauty blenders techniques which you can use if you dont want to spend money on these products.

Your pair of socks can do wonder

I’m not sure where I would be without my trusty pair of socks! This alternative has been recommended to me by many makeup artists and it works well considering the fact that it’s free. All you need to do is pop your Real Techniques sponge inside your old sock, tie a knot at the top and dip it into water – voila! Once mixed together this alternative creates a unique texture that helps it blend out products flawlessly. My only problem with this sponge was that after use it took forever to dry which means that you would have to wait for it too fully air-dry before using again…basically, not very practical.

Use your bra as a Beauty Blender

I might be wrong but I believe this sponge was brought to my attention by the girls over at xoVain – which was pretty cool! This alternative is super duper cheap because you can get an old bra from almost anywhere for free. Like all of the alternatives listed above, just pop your beauty blender into your bra and fill with water until it has reached the desired dampness. The reason why I love this method so much is because once mixed together it creates a very unique texture that helps blend out products effortlessly without absorbing too much product! It’s also great if you are on-the-go because once blended out, all you have to do is squeeze out any excess liquid so that it doesn’t drip down your legs.

Below are some cheap alternative of original beauty blenders if you really want to buy a good alternative in affordable price.

The Best Beauty Blender Alternative

The best beauty blender alternative in terms of quality and price is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. If you haven’t already tried this little beauty then I highly recommend grabbing one from your local drugstore for less than $5.00. The reason why it’s so great is because it’s almost an exact replica of the original beauty blender, especially when it comes to applying liquid foundation or concealer. In comparison to other alternatives the Real Techniques sponge doesn’t absorb a lot of product so product wastage isn’t a concern! This means that you’ll have more control over where your makeup goes and how much gets applied – resulting in a flawless application. I would also recommend this sponge to those of you who are beauty blender newbies because it’s incredibly soft on your skin!

Cosmetic Brush

Another alternative that I have tried is a product from eBay called “The Cosmetic Brush”. This sponge is your average looking beauty blender dupe and it does its job well when it comes to blending out liquid foundation or concealer. In terms of quality this sponge is the complete opposite to the Real Techniques option because it absorbs a lot of product when blended! So, in turn, you’ll find yourself wasting quite a bit of product when using this sponge.

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