Waxing vs laser hair removal which one is best?

Waxing and laser hair removal seem to be the same thing, but there are several differences between them. In this post we will explore the benefits of both waxing and laser hair removal so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to pick which one is right for you!

About Laser hair removal

This method of hair removal works by directing intense pulses of light at the hairs in the treated area. The light energy from these pulses is absorbed by pigment molecules in the hair, called melanin, and converted into heat. This process effectively disables the root of the hair so that it cannot grow back. The amount of sessions required varies from person to person depending on factors such as how fast their body metabolizes melanin and how much dark-colored pigment there is in their skin, but generally speaking most people need around 6 treatments with an interval of around 4 weeks between each one to permanently remove the hair. Laser hair removal has been approved for both men and women of all skin tones, but cannot be used on certain parts of the body such as the eyelids, eyebrows or genitals.

About Waxing

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the entire hair, from its root. It is not a good method for people with sensitive skin because it can cause irritation and redness, but it’s a popular choice because unlike other methods such as shaving or depilatories , waxing provides a long-lasting result which continues to get better after each session until all unwanted hair has been removed.

The results from waxing usually last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the body part and how fast the hair grows. The best results are achieved if treatment is repeated every 3 – 4 weeks, or roughly after a waxing cycle. People who suffer from ingrown hairs should consider using a pre-wax cleanser to help prevent them from occurring during and after their wax.

Laser hair removal Benefits

Laser hair removal, in my experience and opinion, is one of the best beauty treatments out there. You can go from hairy to hairless in a matter of months with ZERO pain and ZERO side effects (no joke). Here’s what you need to know about laser hair removal:


Laser hair removal is almost a painless procedure. During the treatment you will feel the pain just like a pinch. While when it comes to waxing you have to face a lot of pain during the whole treatment and for some people it is unbearable.

The pain goes away very quickly

The worst part about getting your hair ripped out by laser is thinking about how much more ripping there will be when it’s time to do the other side/area. However, after 3 seconds (again, seriously) the pain goes wayyyy down and doesn’t get worse throughout the rest of the treatment (trust me, I’ve had a lot). You can easily hold up conversations during this procedure and don’t have to worry too much about what you’re saying because it’ll only hurt for a few seconds.

There’s no down time

Literally as soon as you’re done with your treatment you can go about your day and just head straight over to brunch without worrying about how gross you look/feel post-treatment (like after waxing). You typically do your treatments right before heading on vacation so that you don’t have to worry about shaving or looking like a furry animal on the beach and it works perfectly! There is very low risk of any hyper pigmentation, which is essentially where your skin darkens after being traumatized by laser hair removal. But even if that does happen (which I’ve never had) then it’ll be gone within weeks.

Trust me, you will be hairless

The treatment really depends on the person but usually my laser technician can tell how hairy you are by looking at your skin. For example, if they see that you don’t have any hair follicles then they’ll most likely do a higher level of energy to kill all of your hair. However, if they see lots of thick hair then they know not to even try doing it because there will be no point (laser only works on actively growing follicles). Even though this was new for me, after about 5 treatments I went from having thick black hair everywhere to being pretty much baby butt smooth.

it’s addictive

After a couple of treatments you will have smooth and hair free skin. There’s just something about being hairless that makes me feel so clean and confident, I don’t think I can ever stop getting this done! If you’re considering laser hair removal then trust me, do it because it will change your life.

Waxing hair removal benefits

Having smooth hair free skin isn’t just a sign of good hygiene, it’s also very beneficial for your well being. And though any kind of waxing does have some great benefits for you and the way you look, there are certain types that will have additional positive side effects. Check them out below!

You can quickly get rid of a sunburn or a too deep tan

Painful you say? That’s nothing compared to a bad sunburn! And if you have one, waxing is definitely worth trying out before going for something else like slathering yourself in lotion which will never fully take care of such an intense burn (the newest lasers also work wonders). Another great reason to try waxing when you’re fair-skinned and not tanned yet is because you can get rid of any deep tans that would otherwise be very difficult to scrub off.

You can save money

Waxing is cheaper then laser hair removal treatment. You will not need any expensive laser hair removal sessions! Plus, many people find their skin tightening after waxing, which results in smoother and tighter looking skin than before so long as they maintain their new hairless lifestyle with regular waxing appointments. Best part? Your skin stays smooth for longer since the hair only grows back over a period of weeks!

Glowing Skin

Waxing gives your skin a glow many people find that when they wax, their skin turns a little darker for a while after. This is because when you pull off the hair from your roots, you’re also pulling off some of the dead skin cells that sit on top. These get replaced with new ones, giving your body an overall glow and healthy look.

Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal wins! While both treatments are effective on any part of your body, laser hair removal is more efficient and can disable hair permanently in most cases. Laser treatment sessions are also typically shorter than waxing.

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