Do you know these Gel nails benefits?

Gel nails have been around for a while now, and they are still going strong. People love them because of how easy it is to apply them to the nail bed, as well as how long they last without chipping or peeling off. But do you know what other great benefits there are? Read on!

Easy to apply

For starters, it is easy to apply and remove. You can use gel nails on natural or artificial nails as well.

High Gloss Effect

The great thing about gel nail polish is that it leaves your fingers with a pretty high gloss effect without being too bright which also allows you to have the flexibility of choosing the color that works best for your skin tone.

Gel nails composition

Gel nails are composed of two components namely monomer and polymer which are the ingredients that make up the nails. Monomers like ethyl vinyl-acetate, methyl methacrylate and n-butyl methacrylate bind to form a polymer with butyl ester groups.

After application, a chemical reaction called photoinitiated cationic polymerization happens between these two components wherein each layer becomes harder as it sets more on top of one another until all layers have been applied perfectly on your nails.

Promote Healthy Nails

These products aside from making your hands look fabulous they also contribute to healthy and strong nails by building up layers of different chemicals that make them stronger and more durable than regular coats. With continuous usage, you will never worry about having broken or chipped nails instead expect full grown, healthy looking ones at all times. Aside from the convenience it provides the time it takes for said product to set is also another factor why gel nails are preferred by most people since it is faster than regular coats which takes several hours before drying.

Instant Results

Even when you are in a hurry or on the go, this product can give you results in just seconds per application; no need to worry about running late for work after spending two hours getting your nails done with gel nail polish products.

Protect your Nails

Gel nail polish offers protection to your nails because its designed with strengthening components so you can expect 100% healthy nails every time.

If you are beginner and don’t know how to apply gel nail then find these tips and tricks to apply gel nails.

Other Benefits

There are other benefits like curing reduces stress on hands while salon treatments like manicures and pedicures can be problematic when you’re always busy working or even traveling which often leads to getting hangnails or hurting yourself because of the unsanitary tools used by professionals during treatment. Gel nail polish also lasts longer than ordinary coatings plus it is 100% organic which assures users of having healthy nails at all times. The safest thing about using gel nail polish is that you will never be required for an appointment as with regular nail polishes; you should always polish your gel nails every week.

Here are some things to consider when getting a gel manicure

It is vital that you learn all there is to know about gel nails before purchasing one. Since gel products are highly flammable, it comes with a risk of getting your skin burned and ruined because of the chemicals it emits when exposed to heat, therefore always do a patch test first before applying it on your hands to avoid getting hurt or hurting yourself in case you experience any forms of adverse reactions to using such products. Gel nail polish also needs proper removal which can be very difficult if not done by professionals so for anyone who plans on trying out gel nails then make sure that you have enough knowledge about how this product works and should only buy ones manufactured by trusted brands.

Selecting the right base coat is very important when getting a gel manicure, always do a patch test first before applying it on your hands to avoid getting hurt or hurting yourself. After doing this step, place the gel on the nail bed then put another coat on top of that for transparency and shine, some products come in two steps (base coat and color) while others only require one application; know which kind you’re purchasing beforehand before bringing it home!

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