Reasons of Damaged nails under acrylics

Applying acrylics on natural nails can be a nightmare. The trouble doesn’t only come from the process of applying and filing, but also from what happens after taking off your nail extensions: damage to your own nails is inevitable when it comes to removing acrylics. In this post we will discuss what are the causes and how you can repair the damaged nails under acrylic.

What causes acrylic to damage nails?

The answer, like most things in this world is not black and white. There are many possible causes but the two main ones would be using the wrong base coat (or top coat) or having moisture under your nails. The first can cause lifting at the free edge. This occurs because acrylic has an alkaline pH of 7-10 which means it acts as a solvent to dissolve your nail plate.

The second reason for damage is due to swelling of the nail plate from water absorption under the nails usually caused by soaking, over buffing or being submerged in water. Once that happens you have altered the structure of your natural nail plate making it weaker and prone to breaking/lifting/peeling etc… If any sort of chemicals are used during a soak or a wrap then that can also cause damage. Acrylic should not be used to soak or wrap nails as it is a brittle product which will only crack and cause more damage. Acrylics are great products but they can have some serious downsides depending on how they are applied.

Who is good candidate for acrylic?

  • Nails that are thin, flimsy, or brittle should not use acrylic.
  • Strong, healthy nails with no damage are good candidates for using acrylics.
  • However, there is a product that can be used to cover or seal natural nails which still allows the moisture in without the dangers of lifting and cracking that come from soaking, wraps etc.

How to repair damaged nails after acrylics?

The best way to repair damaged nails is to keep them away from water as much as possible, since the risk of damage increases with exposure. But what about washing dishes or showering? The answer is simple – use a pair of gloves!

All the moisture and soap will be locked inside the rubber glove, while protecting your nails at the same time. You can also use cotton gloves that are applied on top of rubber ones for increased absorption. Cotton gloves should be worn only when you wash dishes or apply lotion on your hands. They should never be used during sleep because it may cause clogged pores and other skin problems. This trick will protect your nails until they grow out completely-but remember that this process could take up to 6 months.

Be aware that even with gloves on, damaged nails are still exposed to dish washing soap or body lotion for hours every day. It’s best to apply a special protective coating before wearing any gloves and make sure not to use too much of it because you don’t want your hands sliding around in the cotton gloves! We recommend using top coat as your go-to daily nail care solution! Also, if your salon offers Gelish manicures, they will most likely know how to properly remove them without causing any damage.

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