How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy home remedies?

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy home remedies?

Most of pregnant women worry about stretch marks. But you can avoid this problem by following an excellent pregnant belly care routine at home. If you have already struggled with ugly stretch marks in the past, you can get rid of those by following this excellent belly facial routine. If you are pregnant, then make this belly care routine a priority, and I believe it will make a huge difference. So let’s discuss in detail that how you can avoid stretch marks with home remedies while you are expecting.

If you find it difficult to follow this belly skincare routine, the good news is that you can find some best spas in your area that might offer belly facial treatment. So you can go to your favorite spa twice a month to get this treatment.

Keep yourself Hydrated

The first step is super basic, and it’s all about hydrating yourself. To hydrate consistently, you should drink 3 to 4 bottle (around 4 liters) of water each day. By following this routine, you will notice a very positive result at the end. You will notice that your skin does seem to be more elastic than usual.

Wash belly skin

So this routine starts in the shower each evening before bed. Even if you don’t want to wash your hair, you should always have a body shower in the evening. When you are doing your body shower, step one is always just lightly cleansing your body all over with an ultra-nourishing body wash. You can use any good quality shower oil. Your pregnant bellies can feel super tight by the end of the day. This shower oil instantly soothes away any feelings of tightness. It’s so lovely. It’s luxurious to use because it’s a shower oil instead of like a body wash, so I highly recommend trying it out. Now at the end, you can rinse it.

Exfoliate Belly Skin

You can exfoliate your belly skin gently with a dry brush or scrub, but I recommend you can enjoy using just the coffee grounds from each morning’s batch of fresh coffee that you make. You scoop it right out from the coffee filter each morning and then save it for your shower later in the day. First of all its smells unique, but fresh coffee grounds make for a fantastic exfoliator. It works really great, so there’s no need to buy something fancy just for pregnancy.

The sand-like texture of coffee grounds works to gently remove dead skin cells, which in turn does help to rejuvenate the skin and boost blood circulation. Messaging the belly also helps stimulate blood flow, which is extra helpful for your expanding belly skin. Even you can use it all over your body as well. After applying and massaging, now you can rinse it.

Moisturize your belly

After drying off, the final step is to apply pure organic rosehip oil all over your belly. During your whole pregnancy period, you might need a maximum of 2 jars of rosehip oil. Rose oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin A. These all work together to improve your belly skin texture and tone to help reduce pigmentation and generally increases your skin’s ability to produce new skin cells.

If you do a little research on the internet, then you will be surprised to see everyone highly recommends rose oil for youthful skin. You can also apply this oil to your older stretch marks, and you will notice a drastic reduction. You will also feel softer and hydrated skin at the end. I would recommend you should do a belly massage with rosehip oil for at least 10 to 20 minutes to see improvement in your belly skin because massage is good for both mom and baby in the womb.

Now hope you can avoid stretch marks by following these simple DIY skin care routines during pregnancy.

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