How to add weight to hair?

There are several ways to add weight to your hair. There are drawbacks and advantages with each method. Before we go into that you should know that temporary measures won’t last and permanent measures will damage your hair if done improperly! And I’m not responsible for any damage done on your head (saves a lot on lawyer fees right. Anyways Back to the topic at hand.

Water weight

This can be done with some water based products that are called “clarifying” shampoos. For example White Rain makes one, so does Paul Mitchell and Redken. These types of shampoos remove product build up on your hair so it weights less than usual (i guess you know what I’m getting at) but there’s a catch! They also remove all the natural oil which is produced inside your scalp (similar to dead skin cells). If this occurs then your hair will dry out like crazy! So here comes the next step in procedure, conditioner! Rinse off shampoo apply conditioner leave for about 5mins rinse again then style as desired.

Adding weight with oils

Oils are good for your hair because, similar to conditioner they seal in moisture by adding a fat layer around the hair shaft. It also nourishes your scalp which makes it feel good every time you run your fingers through it! The main advantage of oils is that they last really long on your hair. I would recommend jojoba oil or olive oil for this purpose since they are less greasy than coconut oil(but coconut is better for moisturizing)

Adding weight with powders

This is my favorite method, but there are quite a few drawbacks to it as well. First of all if not done correctly it can dry out your hair like crazy! You may ask why? Well if you add too much powder on your hair it will form a layer on the surface which blocks natural oil from getting to the scalp. So then your scalp gets dry and says no more oil, so it stops producing natural oils! Sounds bad right? Luckily its not that extreme since you add a small amount of powder at a time while washing! The main advantage of weighting with powders is they are really cheap, non oily and last forever. But some also stay on for a very long time which can be hard to get rid of if not done correctly. I would recommend baby powder or cornstarch.

Add weight through dyeing

Well dyeing hair adds weight because it covers up the porous cuticle layer so water doesn’t get in and out as easily! While this may work to add weight, if done too much it will damage your hair. Over time the cuticle layer becomes weaker and thinner which causes breakage and an increase of split ends. My recommendation is to go for a dark red or brown color rather than black since the latter contains ammonia which is quite harsh. You should also make sure your dye matches your natural color otherwise you might look ridiculous with colored roots growing there own color!

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How heavy is hair?

Well hair weights around 50g-100g per 100cm2 of hair. It increases with age since hair becomes thinner and more damaged! And for the ladies out there, hair weighs about half as much when it’s wet compared to dry because of all the natural oils and water in your head. So through this article we learned that you can add weight to your hair by using clarifying shampoos, oils and powders. We also discussed dyeing your hair but not excessively since it damages your hair over time.. I said too much like every day.. Oh one last thing you should know is that if you don’t take care of your dyed/damaged/oily/weak hair they will snap faster than a twig!

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