10 popular Mens wedding haircuts 2022

Weddings are a special time where the bride and groom get to relish in their love for each other. However, that does not mean it should be all about them! They’re also thinking of those who will be important at the wedding such as friends and family members. One way to make sure they feel appreciated is by taking care of their hair and making sure it looks fabulous on this really special day.

Famous Waves

One special type of wedding hairstyle that is gaining popularity as a trendy one to sport either as the groom or as a male bridesmaid is the famous waves. This unique style can be done using a flat iron and giving your locks some curl, creating those great looking waves people will admire from head to toe! The best part about it is you can achieve this look at home with a hair straightener and a little bit of patience.

The Leading Part

Everyone knows that all groom haircuts start with a leading part. This tradition stems from those old days when people used to think the left side of the brain controlled logic, and the right side of the brain was more creative. That’s why they had weddings on Saturdays – so as not to clash with Sunday church services since many thought that this would result in in-innovative or in-logical children! Right or wrong, simply getting rid of your part will give your groom haircut an edge over others who sport this leading look. And it just might be enough to convince your bride you’re ready for her.

short afro mens wedding hair style
short afro mens wedding hair style

Short Afro

One of the most popular male weddings haircuts is a short Afro. That’s right! If you have an afro style with tight curls, then this is definitely the way to go. This classic men’s hairstyle will not only look great with any suit or tux, but it will also give you a masculine appeal that everyone around can admire and respect. As a bonus, once you’re done with your wedding day festivities, there won’t be much hair to deal with as far as throwing away or taking care of afterwards. An Afro is low maintenance all the way around – which is what you want on such a busy day as your wedding!

Controlled Buzz Cut

Another popular style for weddings is the controlled buzz cut. This is one of those styles that can also be worn by men who are in uniform or have a very business-like job. The great thing about this groom haircut is it creates an image of superiority and power to everyone who sees you – just what you want when guests think of the person getting married! It’s really no wonder why so many men are wearing this groom hairstyle these days – it’s classic, masculine, modern, and appealing all at once. What man wouldn’t want his bride to see him in such a positive light on their big day.

weave on men wedding haircut
weave on men haircut

Waves on Top

This is one of those groom haircuts that looks complicated, but it’s actually quite easy to pull off. All you need is a bit of hair gel and some clippers. To start things out, the barber will use the clippers to take off enough hair so they can begin using whatever length he wants for your waves on top. There’s plenty of styles to choose from as far as how long or short these waves should be. Once this step is done, he’ll gel down your hairs and give them some superb looking curls! This design will definitely make your ceremony something everyone remembers for years to come – since not many grooms are sporting this style nowadays!

slick back men wedding haircut
slick back men wedding haircut

The Slick-Back

Finally, there’s the slicked-back groom haircut. This style is reserved for more formal affairs since it can look a bit sharp and severe if worn at other times. The great thing about this men’s hairstyle is that it makes you stand out from all of the others – giving your big impression when guests are trying to remember who said what during your ceremony. It also gives off an air of sophistication which is very appealing to most women. If you have some money to burn, why not splurge on hiring a professional barber or stylist who can give you this groom hairstyle? You’ll get compliments galore on how perfect your hair looks!

Shine On

Depending on your chosen hairstyle, you may need some help keeping your hair in place on such a busy day.

Controlled curl mens wedding haircut
Controlled curl mens haircut

Controlled Curl

​If you’re wearing a short Afro or another style that has curls, then there are ways to keep the shine in place. The best way is to simply take some water and apply it directly on your hair using your hands. This will give your curly locks the needed moisture so they can withstand any breeze or light wind that may occur throughout the day. Another trick is to use a bit of gel before heading out for the ceremony – this should help tame down any rogue strands in case you get warm during one of the songs in your wedding songs playlist!


If you’re rocking a buzz or controlled cut, then it may be important to use some holding spray so your hair is firmly in place. This type of groom shave can look great for any kind of ceremony, especially if the bride and groom are getting married on a beach with a lot of wind present.

Flat Top

If you’re going with a flat top and slicking your hair back, then there are other products to help you maintain this style. If the humidity is present on your big day, then it may be best to use a light oil or serum – just enough so that it’s not greasy looking. The last thing you want is for people to be recalling how much oil was running down your face instead of what vows you exchanged! Of course, if none of these options work for you, then don’t worry too much about things. There’s plenty of male grooming products available on the market these days which can help hold any type of hairstyle in place without causing breakouts later on.

Controlled buzz men wedding haircut
Controlled buzz men wedding haircut
mens undercut wedding hairstyle
mens undercut wedding hairstyle
flat top men wedding haircuts
flat top men wedding haircuts

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