Spa pedicure vs traditional pedicure what is the difference?

Spa pedicure vs traditional pedicure what is the difference?

Do you know what spa pedicure means? It’s a treatment offered by spas to refresh your feet, usually with an exfoliating scrub, followed by sloughing off the dead skin cells with a pumice stone or foot file and applying a mask. Many people today are opting for spa pedicures instead of the usual salon pedicure. This is because it is safer, cheaper, and more convenient. So in this article, we will discuss almost everything about spa pedicures, their types, and their benefits. We will also compare with other traditional methods of pedicures.

What is a spa pedicure?

The spa pedicure is designed to help the feet & lower legs look their best. It includes soaking, nail shaping/filing, cuticle grooming, exfoliation (or masking), moisturizing massage, and polish on the toes. Sometimes a leg massage can also be included in a spa pedicure. It is one of the best beauty treatments that can be customized according to the client’s foot skin type and condition.

There are different types of spa pedicures for people with rough or dry feet and people with normal feet. An intensive pedicure is mainly done because the client has very rough skin due to active lifestyle habits. They need an extra boost of hydration in order to get smooth heels.

Many types of massage can be included in spa pedicures, which can improve circulation and decrease muscle tension, which is beneficial to the body over the long term. There may also be scrubbing and exfoliation services included in the massage component to remove dead skin cells. Also, a mask may be applied to soften calluses on your feet before applying ultra-hydrating foot cream. Some people refer this as collagen spa pedicure but no its not.

What is a traditional pedicure?

In a traditional pedicure, the feet are cleaned, their nails and cuticles are trimmed, and moisturizer is applied to the skin. Callouses and dead skin are not removed during this type of pedicure. The basic procedure is usually performed at a salon or spa rather than in a medical spa since it does not require specialized equipment for the feet, such as surgical instruments.

What Is The Difference Between Spa Pedicures and Traditional Pedicures?

If you’re interested in either service, you need to know some key differences between them. Let’s see what each of them includes and which might be better suited to your needs:

Spa Pedicure benefits

Those who rarely get manicures or pedicures can benefit from a spa pedicure because it is an overall treatment for both feet and hands. Additionally, two or three pedicures sessions can result in softer skin and health benefits associated with the massage technique. This can be especially helpful for everyone who spends a lot of time standing, walking, or exercising because it helps keep blood flowing through the legs.

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Traditional pedicure benefits

These types of services are generally much less expensive than spa pedicures, which can save you money if you get them regularly for maintenance rather than just for special occasions. Traditional pedicures also take less time than spa pedicures, making them an excellent choice for people on the go. There are no other wellness services like aromatherapy or foot masks, but the massage still includes essential oils to help soothe your muscles.

What to Keep In Mind?

There are some spas or salons that provide both services, so you’ll need to check with them first. You may pay a different price depending on where you live and what services are included. If you are using hot water treatments, make sure that your nails are trimmed tightly but not too short to prevent skin irritation around the nail beds. You should also do this if you have long toenails that grow into the skin instead of coming out past the nail bed. Trimming may cause pain, so apply a styptic pencil or an alum block to stop bleeding from tender areas before getting started on any pedicure.

How long does it take to get a spa pedicure?

The average time taken for a pedicure procedure is one hour to an hour and a half. However, the total treatment duration depends on the type of treatment you are selected.

What are Spa pedicure steps?

The steps involved in this process include soaking the foot in warm water, filing away rough patches on the feet, followed by scrubbing them clean with a pumice stone. After which, a hydrating mask is applied before being left to dry on its own. An oil massage follows next and puts on new socks and cozy slippers, after which hot towels soaked in saltwater are placed over your toes. In some cases, paraffin wax treatments might be done in between the procedure to soften the cuticles further.

How often should you get a pedicure?

In general, at least once a month is appropriate for most men and women who get their nails done regularly. As the summer months approach, people are likely to wear open sandals or no shoes at all, so more frequent maintenance will be necessary to prevent unsightly nails from becoming damaged from exposure.

Spa pedicure at home steps

In some cases, a pedicure can be done at home by using a pedicure foot bath. Remember that there are four basic steps for a DIY spa pedicure are soaking, filing, scrubbing, and hydration. Before soaking your feet in a foot bath, it is essential that one trims nails, softens cuticles, and keeps calluses in check. It is a good idea to scrub your feet gently before applying moisturizer all over. Afterward, rinse your feet with warm water and thoroughly dry them before continuing with your normal activities. After any beauty treatment, you must ensure that you allow yourself some time to relax.

There are a few most popular types of spa pedicures. The one we have already discussed in another article is jelly spa pedicure. The other two types are classic spa pedicures and deluxe pedicures, which we will discuss here.

Classic Spa Pedicure

Classic spa pedicures begin with a thorough cleaning of the feet and legs. Next, a leg massage is given, which is a very important part of this treatment. Before the actual pedicure begins, your legs will be prepared for it by making sure they are relaxed and feeling good. After all, if you would not feel comfortable in a pedicure chair, you might end up moving around too much to let them work on the nails in peace! In order to relax your muscles even further during the leg massage, they might add some hot towels or heated stones to it as well. This results in better relief from pain and fatigue due to tired muscles. Any type of leg massage can make you forget about any tension if it is done correctly.

Deluxe spa pedicure

A Deluxe Spa Pedicure features extra services not included in typical spa pedicures, such as special scents and lotions, the use of hot stones for therapeutic massage, and polishing ten nails. There are a number of additional services available during deluxe pedicures, which can be different salon to salon. You can ask for a spa menu to know more about this service from your favorite nail salon.

Those who desire additional pampering would benefit from a deluxe pedicure. These beauty treatments may benefit those who suffer from dry or cracked feet, corns, calluses, and other foot problems. A person in this category should undergo the deluxe treatment every four weeks until desired results are reached. Once skin becomes resilient and smooth again, one can maintain healthy skin between treatments by visiting the salon every six weeks.

Deluxe spa pedicures steps may include Polish change, Cuticle work, Callus treatment, Foot Massage, Paraffin Wax Treatment, Salt glow scrub, Sugar scrub, Scrub & Soften treatment, Algae Mask, and Herbal wrap, etc. After analyzing your foot skin condition, your nail technician will tell you what steps of this deluxe treatment are necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions about spa pedicure

Can I do a spa pedicure at home?

Yes, you can do a DIY pedicure if you have the necessary tools and kits available at home. You can get professional results at home by following four essential steps like soaking, filing, scrubbing, and hydration.

Which type of pedicure is best?

All types of pedicures are designed for specific needs. Spa pedicure is best for anyone of any age because it has all the necessary steps suitable for feet.

Is spa pedicure expensive than other types?

Yes, spa pedicure is a little expensive than traditional pedicure because it includes foot and leg massage and a foot mask for better results.

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