How to blow dry extensions at home?

How to blow dry extensions at home?

Having to blow dry hair extensions may seem challenging, but it’s really not once you know how to do it correctly. It’s all about finding out which method works best for your hair – protective spray, natural heat? Using your fingers or a comb? In this article, you will find all the information on how you can blow dry all types of hair extensions at home.

Can you blow dry hair extensions?

These are the two questions that most of the readers ask me. Can I dye Remy hair and can I blow dry human hair extensions? And Blow drying human hair extensions are fine but don’t do it daily. If you don’t want to damage your hair or the extension, I recommend blowing out your own natural hair first and then putting in your human hair extensions after. You can also blow dry it with or without heat protectant spray, but I recommend always using a heat protectant spray when using heat on them because of how delicate they are. Just do not use a flat iron on it while it’s wet! That will ruin the hair for sure! And if you want to keep the curl in your extension, don’t brush it out after blow-drying. Let it dry naturally, and then brush out with a paddle brush. Now I will share with you all the detail on how to blow dry extensions without damaging them. Let’s discuss where to start.

Can you blow dry Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Unfortunately, you can’t blow dry synthetic hair extensions because heat will melt the fiber and ruin your extensions. You can just wash and air dry your synthetic extensions.

Now I will share with you all the detail on how to blow dry extensions without damaging them. Let’s discuss where to start.

Do you know how to wash hair extensions first?

You may think washing your hair is easy, but it is essential to take good care of your hair to keep it looking healthy and robust. Following these steps for hair washing will help protect both your extensions and natural hair. Here are the steps you need to follow when you want to dry hair extensions after washing.

Wet Hair Extensions with Cold Water

Wet the extensions down with cold water. This will prevent frizzing when they get wet since more moisture is added to them than usual. Avoid using hot water on either your natural or artificial strands, as this can damage them over time.

Prepare your brush and comb for detangling

While all detangling brushes aren’t created equal, most include a wide-tooth comb along with the brush. The comb should be used first, as it works through knots and tangles more quickly than a brush.

From root to end, brush first

After brushing out the tangles, you can begin brushing your hair from the ends to the roots. Work slowly and gently, so you don’t cause any breakage or split ends. This is also the best way to make your extensions appear thicker and fuller since they will form to your head shape after being brushed this way for a little while.

Wash Hair Extensions

You can use hair shampoo and conditioner after you’ve wetted down your extensions with cold water. Before shampooing them, though, try smoothing on a hydrating mask, as this may be more suitable for your particular hair type. Apply the mask from roots to tips and leave for 5-10 minutes before washing it out with cold water.

Wet Hair Extensions with Warm Water

As soon as the conditioner has been rinsed out of the human hair extensions, begin to wet them again with warm water. Warmth prevents tangles from forming while you style your hair, so use a spray bottle of warm water or a bowl filled with some if you want to keep things simple. Either way, make sure no shampoo remains in either the hair itself or the strands attached to it.

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Dry Hair Extensions

Use a towel of a dark color to gently dry hair extensions. Before applying heat to extensions that are highly water-resistant, allow them to air-dry overnight. If you can’t use this method because of time constraints or bad weather, try using a blow dryer at its lowest heat setting instead.

Time to Blow Dry Hair Extensions

Starting by holding the roots in one hand and brushing them with your other hand, you can begin drying your human hair extensions. While hair extensions are still wet, do not brush them as this will cause them to become knotted again rather than stay smooth and straight. Whenever you have finished styling one section of your hair, move on to another until all your hair is completely dry.  

Hair extensions blow drying tips

  • Use heat-protecting spray before applying heat styling tools.
  • If you do not want to use heat protecting spray, apply a natural oil such as Moroccan oil onto your extensions before you blow dry them.
  • Use quality tools while blowing dry hair extensions. Like you can find in my article, a list of the best hair dryers for hair extensions. This list is prepared very carefully, and only added the blow dryers in this list which are suitable for hair extensions.

Style Hair Extensions

It’s time to style your hair extensions after they’ve dried off. Follow the same steps for brushing your hair as before – starting at the bottom and working your way up. You may find that it’s easier to use a smaller-sized brush on hair extensions than it is on natural hair, though, so feel free to search around until you come across one that works best for you.

Once your hair extensions have been brushed into place, go ahead and finish styling them with heat if needed. Avoid using high temperatures when possible, especially if they’re made from natural human hair since this can damage each strand over time. If low heat is necessary, though (for special occasions or styling purposes), be sure to keep the dryer an arm’s length away from each section.

Now it’s time to discuss that how you can dry different types of hair extensions.

Blow dry tap in extensions

During the blow dry tape in hair extensions, raise the temperature gradually while continuing to dry the hair with small sections at a time, making sure that each section is completely dry before moving onto the next section.

It is best to begin this process with clean, damp hair. Mist an ample amount of heat protector into towel-dried hair and comb it through evenly throughout your head. Now apply thermal protectant spray to hair extensions and comb through.

Place a large round brush at the root of your tape in extensions and begin blowing dry your hair from roots upwards in small sections. Keep constant movement over the brush with your blow dryer, moving it back and forth as you gently pull down on the section of damp hair. Be sure to always keep the nozzle on the brush while blow-drying to trap heat inside to better absorb the product.

Blow dry each section until it is completely dry, following through with a flat iron or curling iron if desired or needed before moving onto another section. Finish by misting an extra layer of thermal protectant spray on top of sectioned-off strands to add hold and shine. Hopefully, you know how to blow dry tap in hair extensions step by step when you are wearing the extension.

Blow dry clip in hair extensions

There are two ways when it comes to blow dry clip in extensions. Let’s discuss both of them.

The Lob Method

This is the most common method for blow drying clip in hair extensions. Start by brushing all of your hair off to one side. Now, take about 2-3 pieces (depending on how big they are) and clip them away with the clips that come with your extensions set. Blow dry these out until 90% dry, then go back and brush through with a boar bristle round brush, so they look smooth like your own roots do. Continue blow drying using an up-down motion, sectioning your hair as necessary. When you reach the bottom layer, switch to a hot or cold heat setting, depending on if you want more or less curl in your hair. Once you’re done with all of the bottom layers, go back and do your middle layer until about 90% dry, then switch to a cold heat setting if you want more curl. Do the top last because it is usually the shortest so getting it dry is easy! Don’t forget to set your curls with hairspray before you take them down so they will hold longer than usual! I recommend using either a flexible hold or extra strong for this method.

One Length Method

This type of blow drying may result in less volume at the roots, but it will help blend your clip in extensions even better than The Lob Method described above. Begin by brushing all of your hair off one side (like how you part it when doing an Ombre). Blow dry all of your hair until it is about 70% dry. Once you reach this point, change the heat setting to hot and start blow drying your roots using an up-and-down motion while continuing to section off your hair as necessary. When you reach the bottom layers, it should already be 90% dry, so take those pieces down and use cold or hot heat depending on what looks best with your texture! Don’t forget to spray lots of hairspray before taking down each curl, so they last longer than usual! I recommend using either a flexible hold or extra strong for this method as well. If you have straight hair, then you will need to make sure that you start by curling your hair, then use the blow dry method, so you don’t fry your clip in extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to blow dry extensions

Can I blow dry my hair extensions daily?

No, it is not recommended. You should dry your extensions occasionally, like twice a month. It’s ideal for letting them air dry.

Can I blow dry my extensions without protecting spray?

Yes, you can, but this is not recommended method. If you don’t want to use protecting spray, you can apply Moroccan oil before blow drying your extensions.

Can I blow dry my vet extensions?

You should not blow dry your wet hair extensions because that will damage them. Let them air dry, and then you can use the hairdryer.

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