What is eyebrow stamp a detail guide

Eyebrow stamping is a new eyebrow trend that has been gaining popularity. Basically, it’s a beauty treatment where you get your eyebrows tinted and then stamped onto the skin with an ink-filled stamp. This process can help to enhance your natural brow line for a more defined look while also filling in sparse areas of the brows. In this post you will find a detail guide about eyebrow stamp.

What is eyebrow stamp?

Eyebrow stamp is a new beauty trend that allows you to get perfect, natural-looking eyebrows in an instant. It works by removing pigment from the eyebrow hairs and replacing it on the skin to leave behind the effect of a drawn-on eyebrow.

How does it work?

Well, first you’ll need to find an aesthetician who offers eyebrow tattoo services near you (most places will do this). Then they’ll take some photos of your face so they can see what shape would be best for your eyes. Once they’ve found the right shape for you, they’ll fill in any gaps or thin spots with color before taking their tools and creating hair strokes on your skin.

How long does it last?

Depending on how often you wash your face, the color can typically last up to a week. For best results, we recommend not showering or sweating until you’ve washed your face.

How much does eyebrow stamp cost?

The price of this service varies from salon to salon but the average price starts at $50 for both eyebrows.

Who should get an eyebrow stamp?

This treatment is ideal for anyone who want perfect looking eyebrows in minutes without the hassle of applying makeup every day.

Who shouldn’t get an eyebrow stamp?

This treatment is not suitable for people with blonde hair because pigment will be removed from the brow hair and won’t show up on skin unless the brow hair is dyed. Those with very sparse or patchy eyebrows may also not benefit from eyebrow stamp.

Do I have to visit a salon?

Eyebrow stamp can be done at home but the results are not as good without professional application. Stamping on your brows can help you maintain your look between salon visits, or give you that bold drawn-on look for special occasions. However, it will not work as well as if it’s applied by an expert artist.

Can I try before I buy?

Some spas offer eyebrow stamping services on a trial basis but this does not remove any pigment from the skin or brow hair, so there won’t be any significant difference in appearance until after several applications have been completed. This treatment cannot be ‘sampled’ for this reason.

Is eyebrow stamp safe?

As with any beauty treatment, it is advisable to do a patch test before having permanent makeup applied on your brows. For people who are new to using brow stamping, doing a patch test prior to the application of either product is recommended. People with sensitive skin should also consult their dermatologist before undergoing this procedure.

Go for a Patch test

Before going for a procedure, it is advisable to visit a professional beauty salon or licensed esthetician for a patch test and expert advice on how the treatment works. If you do a patch test and find that it irritates your skin, keep away from this form of brow stamping because it can cause serious side effects compared to other procedures such as waxing or shaving.

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