Can you dye Remy hair extensions?

After wearing hair extensions for some time, many girls get tired of the color and want to change it. It’s fun to experiment differently, and it’s a great way to show creative abilities and do something different. Now your question might be, is it possible to dye hair extension? Well, yes, only if you are wearing Remy hair extensions, because those are made of natural human hair. Now let’s discuss why and how it is possible.


What is Remy Hair?

This is actual, real human hair regarded as the highest quality of natural hair. Remy’s hair comes with a cuticle layer that is left intact and is not processed. As a result, we have healthy, soft, and shiny hair.

Hair extensions are made using healthy hair from a single donor’s ponytail. A hair’s cuticle is perfectly aligned with its root, with every strand flowing in a straight line from tip to root. Authentic Remy hair extensions are not only the highest quality around but are aligned in such a way as to ensure the hair remains healthy, tangle-free, and naturally beautiful.


What you can do to hair extension?

According to this website, Remy hair extensions allow you to do anything you can do to your natural hair. It includes dyeing your hair, cutting it, heat styling it, and chemically modifying it. The color of extensions is often dyed or bleached to match the natural color of the wearer’s hair.


Dyeing Remy hair extension

As I said earlier, you can bleach or dye your Remy hair extension because these are 100% of natural human hair. But be careful and don’t over-bleach them and also avoid permanent hair dyes. I would also recommend you to only use semi-permanent good quality hair color for dyeing your extensions.

Hair extensions made from real human hair are ideal for dying. Due to their virgin nature, virgin Remy hair extensions can be dyed afterwards without any physical damage. Like natural hair, this hair extension can be lightened or darkened as needed.

I also recommend you not to dye your extension at home and go to your nearest hairdresser if you want perfect results. But if you already decided to do it DIY, then always choose professional hair colours.

Before starting, always perform a strand test and check the results. You can wash your human hair extensions with any hair shampoo, for best results, you should buy shampoos specially made for hair extensions.


How to Dye human hair extension?

The method is almost the same like you dye your natural hair. You can follow these simple steps to color your extensions at home.

Buy good quality professional hair color of your choice. I wouldn’t recommend you to go with cheap boxed color available in drug stores.

Make sure your color is prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most hair dyes are mixed using equal parts developer and colour. The total pre-mixed dye that you will need may range from 5–7 ounces for your extensions, but it may require more colour at different lengths.

Now comb your extension and remove tangle before applying the color. Wear gloves and start applying colour. Start dyeing from top to ends. Make sure to coat both sides of your extensions.

Make sure to let it process at the usual room temperature for the specified time on the manufacturer’s instructions—usually anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

Now rinse your extension with cool water and use your finger gently to remove dye out completely.

When your extensions are thoroughly washed, lay down the towel and cover your workspace. Brush each extension gently with your wide-toothed comb after applying your leave-in conditioner.


Can’t Dye synthetic hair extension

Unfortunately, you can’t change the color of your synthetic hair extensions. You may be interested to know the reason. Since most hair dyes contain ammonia or bleach, they will simply ruin your synthetic hair and don’t work at all. Synthetic hair extensions aren’t made to be dyed with regular hair dyes, and that’s why you have them available in so many different shades.