What To Wear With Purple Hair?

What To Wear With Purple Hair?

Purple hair is a bold choice. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can pull it off then you’re in for a treat! The color is an attention-grabbing hue that will have people looking twice at your new style. But with so many shades to choose from how do you know which shade is best? Well I’m here to help! In this blog post we’ll go over some of the most popular shades and provide tips on how to wear them. You’ll soon be rocking out all day long with purple locks without any worries about what you should or shouldn’t be wearing!

How to dye your hair purple

The first step of this process is dying your hair purple. Now, you have two options here. First, you can go out and buy a box dye of your favorite shade of purple or you can go to the salon. If you choose the first option then I’d recommend pre lightening your hair before hand with bleach so that more of the color will stick to your strands . This is important because the lighter the base the longer it’ll last!

If you decide that coloring at home isn’t right for you then there are more than enough salons that offer services in purple hues. Go ahead and give them a call; they should be able to accommodate most requests with minor notice. It’s also important to note that some stylists will tell you that they can only do a single process which means the color will fade much faster. If you want longer lasting hair then I’d recommend asking for double processes which paints over the white strands with a layer of purple dye and also coats your naturally dark strands to prevent them from showing through.

What colors look good with purple hair

Now that you’ve dyed your hair its time to play! When it comes to styling purple hair there are so many choices. The best part about purples is that they look good with just about every tone. This means you can use any shade within the color wheel however I’d recommend staying away from reds or pinks because, in most cases, they can clash. Instead stick to softer tones like lavenders, peaches or lilacs . These colors will make your purple locks pop and give them a brighter appearance which is perfect for summertime!

The 5 looks worth trying

Here are five different looks that go well with purple hair. They range from casual to formal depending on what you’re going for but rest assured that you’ll have a look that’s perfect for any occasion!

1. Casual Look:

Wear your hair down in loose waves. This is a low maintenance hairstyle but still looks put together and chic. Add pops of color with a bright lip or dress up the look by adding some studded earrings . Either way you can’t go wrong with this style!

2. Formal Look:

If you’re going to an event like prom or homecoming then try curling your hair into soft curls. This tends to give more volume which makes it ideal for formal occasions . Pair the look with red lipstick and you’ve got yourself something to dance the night away in! If you want to change things up then try adding in slides, a choker or a headband to give your look a little something extra!

3. Cozy Look:

Want to sport a sexy punk rocker vibes? You can’t go wrong with adding in colored hair streaks. The best thing about this look is that it’s so versatile. You can use different shades but the purple and black combo is great because it allows you to keep the color all over or just as an accent depending on what you’re wearing . It’s perfect for those who want to be daring but don’t know how far to take their look without going too crazy!

4. Bold Look:

Another way to add purple accents into your style is by dying the ends of your hair. This works best if your locks are shoulder length or longer because it adds a lot of dynamics into your overall appearance . If you’re hesitant about dying your hair then just add in some purple highlights instead. This is a much more subtle approach and can be done at home but, like the streaks, the trick here is to make sure you use two different colors (purple and another) so that they don’t all blend together which would make this look less striking.

5. Pink Look:

This might seem like an odd match for purple but trust me when I say that it’s adorable! When your locks are this color it tends to give off softer vibes which compliments rosy pinks perfectly . It works best with lighter shades like baby pink or soft white but it’s also good with darker hues like berry or red. Just keep in mind that pastel shades are always more flattering on cooler skin tones.

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