What is Jelly spa Pedicure a detail guide for beginners

What is Jelly spa Pedicure a detail guide for beginners

Pedicures are among the most popular procedures at nail salons. A lot of people dream about having smooth, fine toes but don’t do anything about it. While most of us know that we need this for a better look, none of us have the time to go through long, complicated procedures. Simple techniques don’t take much time and are less expensive than spa salon visits. Jelly pedicure is one of the best techniques. The question is, what is a jelly spa pedicure? Pedicures using jelly are called jelly pedicures. This is a very effective method that helps your rough feet skin. With the help of this article, you will learn how to make spa jelly pedicures at home without any professional help or supplies.

What is a jelly spa pedicure?

Most people are confused about this term actually and they don’t know; what is jelly spa pedicure? Jelly Spa Pedicures involve soaking the feet in a foot bath that is filled with a polyethylene glycol jello to soften up hard, dry skin on your feet. This type of spa Pedi treatment enables dead skin from the bottom of the feet from coming off easily, all while moisturizing and exfoliating at once.

What is Jelly Pedicure Ingredients?

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Where did all this jello come from? Jellies based on Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) can be prepared in many ways. There is a jelly formulated for use with a jelly Pedi soak consisting of PEG-8, polyethylene glycol, and water. It has a jelly-like consistency that makes it perfect for soaking your feet in. PEGs, Glycols, or other types of glycols, found in jelly-based products are hydroscopic that is, they draw moisture from the environment to the skin, thus trapping it in the foot bath. You can make Jelly any color you want by adding Jelly Coloring to it. Jelly Pedicure ingredients are harmless for the skin.

Where to find Pedicure spa jelly pack?

You can get jelly spa pedicure packs on Amazon.com or any other online store at a reasonable price. According to my view, Lavender Pedicure Foot Soak is quite reasonable for all its features and benefits that you will enjoy after using it. It contains the best quality jellies that might be available in the Amazon store or not. Still, please check before buying anything, so you won’t regret getting something with lesser value than expected. Or even you can research other products, and you may find some other best jelly spa pedicure packs.

How to make a jelly pedicure at home?

If you want to give yourself a Jelly Pedi at home, there are some simple steps you can follow.
1): Fill your foot bath with warm water and make sure the temperature is comfortable.
2): Turn off any whirlpools or jets on any footbaths you may have. If you don’t have a foot bath, you can read my article about the best foot soaker massager for pedicure and buy the one according to your need and budget.
3): Buy a jelly pedicure packet kit, and you will see that the kit is divided into two packs.
4): You will see the water turn into jelly after mixing the first part into the water.
5): You should soak your feet in the jelly mixture for at least 15 minutes or follow the instruction mentioned on the kit by the manufacturer.
6): Upon completion of the time, add the second packet to the mix and stir well.
7): Now you will see that the jelly mix has turned back into colored water.
8): Take your feet out and dry them.
9): You can now proceed with your jelly spa pedicure by trimming your nails, removing calluses, and painting your toenails.

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Normally many women ask whether there is any difference while applying jelly nail polish after jelly spa pedicure. No, there is no difference. It is the only name of polish which is confusing. But for your convenience, I am providing you with all the details on how you can apply jelly polish after jelly spa pedicure.

How to apply jelly nail polish

Step 1: Apply two coats of your favorite jelly polish to each toe.

Step 2: Allow the first coat of jelly polish to dry completely.

Step 3: Apply a second coat of jelly to each toe.

Step 4: Apply top coat polish on top of the nail. If you are using a gel topcoat, it’s best not to apply too much jell over the top coat as it causes the jelly to drag. This can lead to visible nail lines in your jelly polish even though you let each layer dry completely.

Step 5: Allow second jelly coat and jelly-covered nails to dry 100% before applying topcoat; otherwise, peeling occurs!  

Step 6: Apply the last coat of your favorite color jelly polish on toes.  

Step 7: Apply one last thick layer of gel topcoat on all 10 toes… this will cause Peeling!!! But not for long

Benefits of Jelly Spa Pedicure

Jelly pedicures provide a very unique and often relaxing experience. According to reviews, the value is quite high for what you get in return. Though there are some negative reviews floating around, these experiences seem to be an exception rather than the norm. The most frequent benefits mentioned include:

  • Gentle results that last for up to 4 weeks  
  • No damage or discomfort   
  • There are no chemicals or smells.    
  • If you have sensitive skin or polish allergies, this type of pedicure may be for you.   
  • This is a great product for those who dislike chemicals and want to use safer products on their feet.      
  • Jelly pedicures are not the same as “fish spas” since dead skin is not eaten by the fish. Some people think it’s the same, but it’s not.
  • The jelly mask itself is a mixture of enzymes, amino acids, and minerals that work to remove the dead skin cells from your feet, leaving them feeling very smooth and healthy.   

Frequently Asked Questions about Jelly Pedicure

Can I do jelly pedicure spa at home?

Yes you can. If you have DIY Pedicure kit at home you just buy jelly pack for pedicure and do a jelly spa pedicure at home with professional results by following the steps in this article.

Is there any side effect of Jelly spa Pedicure?

No there is no side effect of this jelly pedicure. It is completely safe and make your foot skin smooth and refreshing for up to 4 weeks.

Do spas offer jelly pedicure treatment?

Yes many spas and nail salons offers jelly pedicure pampering service. Just search online and you will find a lot of spas near you which might be offering this at affordable prices.

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