How to sleep with hair extensions?

How to sleep with hair extensions?

When you sleep, you can protect your hair extensions in several different ways, regardless of whether they’re natural or extensions! In this article, we will discuss different ways that everyone can use to sleep with extensions. Lets discuss that how you can protect your expensive hair extensions while you sleep!

Can I sleep with hair extensions?

This is a question I get asked a lot, and the answer is sure if they are human hair of high quality! But there are some things to consider, when it comes to sleeping with hair extensions, especially when using cheap ones, you will want to be careful. The reason being is that your body heat may not be able to circulate inside the tracks well enough because cheap tracks are usually made with plastic or synthetic materials. Just like in real life when you leave them out in the sun….they become hot right? Well if your hair lifeline touches that track it could burn your head at night. So what I recommend is putting a silk scarf over your pillow for extra protection and then pulling the middle part of that silk scarf through under the tracks and around to the back. It also prevents tangling in your hair when you move at night.

Sleeping with wet extensions

The roots of your hair can be damaged by sleeping with wet hair. This is at least what it seems like based on reports from people who have experienced dry scalp and damaged hair after doing this over longer periods of time. What happens is that the dampness seeps into your actual scalp which causes an imbalance in its natural oil production. While some people to be able to adapt well to sleeping with damp hair extensions, others fail to do so and end up with dry scalp which then leads to dandruff. If you think you might be one of the people who can’t adapt well, you should probably take precautions or avoid doing it all together. This includes avoiding laying on your wet hair by tucking it under the pillowcase!

Second tip is also useful that is after washing your hair, once 20-30 minutes have passed, you can continue sleeping on your wet extensions. This is what some people report being able to do without major problems so long as they aren’t in one position for very long or their heads aren’t laying directly on a pillow.

Remy hair then no worry

Depending on the extension, some extensions are more sensitive than others. Sleeping with extensions that are particularly expensive like Remy hair or made with human hair might save you from worrying about damaging them during the day but will still expose them at night. In other words: It’s kind of pointless if there isn’t a big difference between wearing special types of hair extensions during the night and wearing them all the time during the day.

Avoid certain hairstyles

Avoid certain hairstyles or cover them with silk or satin scarves while sleeping with hair extensions. If you’re thinking about wearing certain types of hairstyles, I’d recommend avoiding those for now or using protective products like serum etc. before blow drying extensions. It is possible that they’ll be more resistant after the first few washes.

Use Headband

While sleeping with extensions, you can cover your hair with a silk or satin headband. This is what experts suggested as an option to help with preventing tangling, breakage, and dry scalp caused by sleeping on wet extensions. It makes sense that this might work for people who can’t adapt to sleeping with dampness around their heads or simply want to add some extra protection while they’re at it.  The only thing I’m not quite sure about is whether you’ll be able to get your head back through your scarf afterward if you’ve put it on before getting into bed, but if you find a way to avoid having it slip off the pillow during sleep, this could be worth a try.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to sleep with hair extensions

Sleeping with hair extensions hurt?

No, it will not hurt if you are following the recommendations especially avoiding sleeping with wet hair.

How I can sleep with wet extensions?

After washing your extensions just wait 30 minutes and let them a little bit air dry. After that go to bed and have sweet dreams.

Can I sleep with human hair extensions?

Human extensions also called Remy’s hair are made of natural hair. So you can sleep without any problem. Just to protect them you can wear good quality extension cap while sleeping.

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