How long after waxing can you swim

How long after waxing can you swim

If you’re like me, then you enjoy the occasional quick dip in the pool. However, I’ve always wondered how long after waxing can I swim? After all, what’s the point of making my legs smooth if they are going to be covered up with chlorine and water! The answer is that it depends on your hair type. If yours is swimmers or coarse hairs than it’s 2-3 weeks before swimming again. For finer hair it might just be a few days before swimming again!

Swimming Before Waxing

Yes you can go for , but we recommend waiting a minimum of 24 hours after swimming in order to ensure that the hair follicles and pores are open and therefore making it easier for the hair to be removed during the wax service. This ensures better results and less pain. The same applies if you want to do a steam room/sauna treatment, I recommend waiting at least 24 hours. Also note that although estheticians are experts with performing waxing on any skin tone, if you get waxed regularly it becomes less painful because their fingers build up an immunity or tolerance against the heat of hot wax. As with anything, the more you get waxed the less it hurts, so if you are getting waxes every 6 weeks your pain threshold is much higher than someone who gets waxed once a year.

Swimming after waxing your bikini line?

You can swim after getting your bikini line or underarms waxed. However, you might not want to go into the water right away if it’s still sore. It should only take a few hours for all redness and irritation to disappear though!

Swimming Immediately After Waxing?

No, you should not swim immediately after getting waxed. Although it can be tempting to hit the water right away, waiting for 24-48 hours is the best practice to follow. When you get wet too soon after a wax, skin irritation can result due to the changes in water temperature. If possible try swimming at different times of day with different temperatures. That way your most comfortable when in the pool!

What happens if you swim after waxing?

Waxing can interfere with the water penetration of hydrophilic waterproofing membranes. The top layer of skin will be softened by the hot wax, which makes shaving smoother and easier. However, if your body is not protected with a hydrophilic membrane, this treatment would cause an unwanted effect – your skin would absorb more water than usual. If you are planning to bathe or swim shortly after waxing, it’s best to wait for at least two hours before getting wet. Keep in mind that even though you may feel like all the hair has been removed during the procedure, some tiny parts might remain on your body. You should shave these away immediately (before you go to swim) for the waxing to be effective again.

If so, how long should you wait to do so?

It really depends on the person. Some people experience redness, irritation, and bumps immediately after waxing. Typically this will go away within a few hours or overnight. Other people can get in the pool right away without any issues! Either way you want to use your best judgement based off of your own experiences. If it doesn’t feel great you might not want to do anything “extra” that day like swim. If it’s feeling normal then you should be good to go!

If you’ve waited 48 hours since your last hot wax treatment, there won’t be much holding you back from swimming! However if skin irritation has occurred already try to give yourself at least another 24-48 hours to heal. The average person can typically go swimming after waxing around 2-3 days after the treatment. This time frame may vary depending on your skin type, how sensitive you are, and how often you normally wax.

How Long Does It Take For A Wax To Heal?

Your freshly waxed bikini area can be exposed to water almost immediately after treatment! You’ll want to avoid submerging the area in chlorinated or salt water for at least 48 hours however; this means don’t go swimming right away and wait until you see that all redness has subsided and everything is back to normal before entering a pool or ocean. During that first week it’s very important to keep things dry as much as possible to avoid infection.

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